Choosing A Name For Girls

Choosing a name could be a difficult task, particularly if there are two of you doing the choosing. So many beautiful names and choices therefore many differences of opinion. It really is very hard to discover a name that you both think is just ideal for your new baby daughter.
You have 3 options:
1. You can completely ignore your lover and choose your favourite name for a woman without asking them.
2. You can surrender to your partners wishes and let them choose the name.
3. You can come to some type of satisfactory agreement and choose a name for your baby girl that you are both happy with.
Baby Names for Girls
I believe that option 2 certainly is the worst of the 3 options. Option 1 isn’t a great deal better, you could build-up some lingering resentment against you invest the this stance. So this really leaves you with Option 3, so why don’t we see how we are able to find some agreement with this suffering partners.
Here is one idea. Both you and your partner separately go through a few websites with names in it, and choose 10 or 20 names each, and write them down on separate pieces of paper. You then swap the pieces of paper and both of you go through the lists you have made and place a tick against any names for women that you like that are on your partners sheet.
You may even find that you have chosen a couple of of the same names, which will be an excellent result as it could be which you have found a name that you both are perfectly happy with. If not, you must get together with the names you have ticked and see when you can then come to an agreement based on these names that you mutually like.
If you find there are two names and you also cannot decide which one to take, then you can always have one as a second name and the other as the first name of the kid. If you find that both of you do not like the names you have chosen separately, then go back and choose 10 more and try again, and keep repeating the procedure and soon you find some mutually common ground.
Sometimes there needs to be a little give and take in the process to finally come to a name, or names, you could agree on and be pleased with, but isn`t this the same with all relationships in all facets of your life? If one of you really wants to go for an Indian meal and the other wants to get a Chinese meal then perhaps you end up choosing an Italian meal!
I do hope you find an ideal name, and more importantly you like and cherish your daughter.